Ashley Creek Horse Company

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Arabian Mares at Ashley Creek Horse Co.

"The spirit of the Arab is like the wind;
Try as you might, you cannot capture it,
but, if one can be still enough,
it will enter your heart and capture your soul."


Mares at Ashley Creek Horse Company!
The mares listed below represent some of the finest bloodlines available in the world. Whether your looking for an American bred, Egyptian, Al Khamsa or other bloodline group, we feel confident you will find just what your looking for, right here! 
**Inquire about our mares for custom lease.   You select the mare and stallion from among the stock of Ashley Creek Horse Company, and we do the rest.  You have the gestation period of that particular mare to pay the lease fee, and then collect your halter broke weanling at 5 months of age or have us deliver the foal directly to you.

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General List or American Bred (this includes Crabbet,Maynesboro, Kellogg,or CMK, American Foundation and Early American Foundation)

Egyptian/Al Khamsa (this includes Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa and Egyptian Bred)
Half Arabians and other Breeds