Ashley Creek Horse Company

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Arabian Stallions at Ashley Creek Horse Co.

Arabian Stallions

Our stallions at Ashley Creek Horse Company are offered to the public from $800 (includes first 30 days of board, after 30 days board is $3.00 per day) to registered purebred Arabians, and $500 to all other mares until the end of MAY.

June 1st and after stud fees will return to $900 for purebred, $550 for all other mares.

 We will be accepting outside mares for breeding from April 1st to June 1st. 

**You may book your mares any time prior to that time.**

Discounts are available for multiple bookings. Mare care is $3.00 per day. All mares must have a current negative Coggins test. Please e mail for more information.


Any stud fees, board fees and/or vet fees MUST be paid before your mare is picked up!!


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Stallions at Stud

Egyptian/Al Khamsa (this includes SE, EB, ER, AK ect.)
Arabian Stallions at Stud

General List or American Bred (this includes CMK, Crabbet, AF, EAF ect.)

"An inborn love of the horse is instinctive, quite
unreasoning, and one cannot recall any beginning of
what seems to have always been there, together with a
craving for perfection in the object of interest."
~Lady Ann Blunt~